We're Nhood! A real estate solutions platform with a focus on triple positive impact

We animate, develop and transform spaces into new living places. Inspired by the 15-Minute City concept, we believe that the future of urbanism involves the co-creation of multi-dimensional and sustainable neighbourhoods that are open to the community.

Main Title

We transform mixed-use projects into realities with positive impact. Our services include asset management, development and promotion, investment opportunities, real estate consulting, among other solutions.

We create sustainable value with a positive impact

Asset Management

We boost places for good by matchmaking visions

Asset Management

We co-create 15-Minute Neighbourhoods on a human scale

Asset Management

Rethinking places as retail trend setters

How can a historic site be turned into a mixed-use neighbourhood?

How to transform an intermodal station into a living place?

How we are transforming the cities of tomorrow

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